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Ball Of Pain

New game's now at work. You can download it, but at this time there's to many bugs. If you have a good idea for this game, please tell us ;).


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MS Past View

This is the simple program, that shows actual time of our computers work (of course fake time). MS Past View shows, that computers working about 3 - 12 minutes if we want someone to lie. Updates are fake to.

ASCII Reader Professional

Better version of ASCII Readers. Now you've got all in one program. You can change the symbol by pressing Q and E. To change the symbol color, press A or D. And if you prefer other background color for your symbol/character, press Z or C. This program shows you the current symbol and color number. And now you can see your finished symbol with colors. If you want to copy ready part of source code, just click right mouse button on this window, click Select, select text by using left mouse button, and if you're done, press the Enter button. Now you can paste it anywhere you want.


New Skins for Minecraft

If you want to be just like Chuck Norris, or if you like "balls of steel", just download it from OTHER CREATIVITY/Minecraft page.

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